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Solved problems of electrical circuits Collection of solved problems of electric circuits for undergraduates of high schools of sciences, engineering and electronic experts.

problems Solved by physical electronica Collection of solved problems of semiconductor physics for high school students of science, engineering and electronic experts.

Exercises solved by vector algebra Collection of solved problems of upper algebra, bilinear forms and quadratic forms, euclid products for university students.

Exercises solved with integral calculus Collection of solved integral calculus problems for university students. Calculation of indefinite integrals; Examples of integration methods.

Equations in partial derivatives Exercises and solved problems on differential equations in partial derivatives. Contour Conditions.

Exercises of vector spaces Problems and exercises solved vector spaces and related topics. Linear application problems; Linear independence exercises.

Resolved Exercises of Geometry Collection of problems and exercises of analytical geometry and differential geometry. Solved problems of straight lines and planes in space.

Mathematical Methods for Science Exercises and solved problems of mathematical methods for physics, chemistry and engineering.

Math Optimization Exercises Solved problems of methods of mathematical optimization and calculation of maxima and minima, such as the simplex method. Programming problems.

Group Theory Exercises Exercises and solved problems of group theory for students of physics, mathematics and chemistry. Cyclic groups; Abelian groups.

Mechanics exercises solved Collection of problems and solved mechanics exercises for engineering and other technical studies. Static, kinematics and dynamics exercises.

Calculation of Probabilities and Statistics Exercises and solved problems of calculation of probabilities and statistics. Conditional probabilities; Independent probabilities.

Automation, regulation and control Solved problems of automatic, regulation and control for students of sciences and engineering. Physical systems; Transfer functions.

Complex variable problems Exercises and problems of calculation of complex variable with its answers and detailed solutions. Integrals of complex variable; Series of complex numbers.

Nuclear physics and atomic reactors Exercises and solved questions of nuclear physics and atomic reactors. Disintegration rate; Energy of the fusion reactions.

Electrónica aplicada y dispositivos Resolved and explained issues of applied electronics, electronic components and devices. Transistors, diodes, amplifiers.
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Problems solved of basic, static, kinematic and dynamic Physics ~ : ~ Of quantum mechanics and atomic physics ~ : ~ Problems of optics and structure of matter ~ : ~ Basic chemistry and elemental chemistry exercises and stoichiometry ~ : ~ Of mathematical analysis and topology with examples of series boundaries ~ : ~ Examples of ordinary differential equations ~ : ~ Solved problems of electromagnetism, fields and potentials ~ : ~ Thermodynamics and Thermotechnology ~ : ~ Solved problems of algebra with examples of laws of composition, order relations and equivalence relations ~ : ~ Vector calculation exercises ~ : ~ Electricity problems ~ : ~ Of algebraic structures, Boolean algebra and propositional algebra.

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